[9 March 2016] - The Palija find competitions

While the stallion shows will include end to Rohirrim, here is the beginning of the competition season!

[13 December 2015] - Rohirrim Fantastic!

For the second consecutive year, the fabulous Rohirrim Palija won the pony-horse relay from Geneva CHI!

[2 November 2015] - Road trip Palija

During the holidays of Tousaint, we took the time to see all the horses at work: Qwerty, Beaune, Vosnes and Bilbo! What happiness!

[14 october 2015] - Tefnout, Amset et Umbrella!

The son and daughter of Griselda Alsy the mare behind breeding success and come out with a lot of passion from their rider which is a sign of success for our breeding.

[15 August 2015] - Follow Me always so beautiful!

Follow Me Palija, Nathan's son of the Tower and Estrelitta Petra by Jalienny evolving very well and gets better at as and months ... We are delighted with this cross!

[10 August 2015] - noticed Rohirrim to the CSO Pony European Championships

This weekend, it is with great pleasure and emotion that went to Juliane Rohirrim Palija to CSP Pony European Championship in Malmö, under Swiss saddle Victoria Rouviere.

[7 August 2015] - Soli Nazca shaped

The son of Estrelitta Petra, Soli Nazca is still in good shape. After his 2nd place in the Elite Amateur Lion d'Angers, it is the fourth of the Amateur 1 of Haras du Pin! Congratulations to Aude his faithful rider!
(Photos France Eventing)

[4 August 2015] - Rohirrim at the European Championships in Malmoe

Starting today, we go for the CSO Pony European Championship held in Malmoe. Our fantastic pony Rohirrim Palija will take part with Victoria Rouvière.

[1 July 2015] - Good marks for Follow Me

Our friendly Follow Me responded to our expectations at the local and regional competition The Bazeuges.

[11 June 2015] - Young still progressing

Several news of our young horses who work well and get well-deserved rankings.

[31 May 2015] - Tefnout and Soli at Lion d'Angers

Tefnout will run the lion of Angers ... and he was accompanied by Soli Nazca!

[11 May 2015] - Another good weekend for the family Palija

This weekend, the two siblings Tefnout and Umbrella were Palija contest outlet and it was a great success.

[25 April 2015] - Good JobTefnout in Pompadour

Our superb Tefnut had a good contest Pompadour. After proper training but can still improve stability and gloss, cso failed him too. But Tefnout made to end a true demonstration that cross taking only 2 pts time under an awful weather. Thank you to Alicia Ennesser for his excellent work and trust given back to Tefnut is superb!

[20 April 2015] - Fantastic Rohirrim!

The excellent Rohirrim Palija again showed all his quality when BIP - CSIOP this weekend.

[5 April 2015] - Very good things in Tartas

After Rodez, Tefnout continued progress in Tartas. An excellent dressage (6th of 24) -45 and unfortunately bars cso and while he held a challenging cross perfectly frankly and respect, cavalier was eliminated for forgetting an obstacle. Hopefully this is postponed for good, Tefnout will be in the Pro 4 de Pompadour and before make a cso Rioms.

[28 March 2015] - Welcome to Follow Me Palija

It is with enthusiasm and joy we received Follow Me Palija, son of Nathan de la Tour and ESTRELITTA of Petra. It is a beautiful chestnut colt with a sublime very typical head and has a nice list. It has two rear white socks. Very intelligent and lively, he already understands very quickly!

[25 March 2015] - Angel Nazca begins well his season

So qu'Estrelitta just given birth to a new male, Angel Nazca his son from crossing with Milor Champeix began the season on March 15 in Rodez. Always ridden by Sophie Lamare, the big chestnut takes a good 4th place in CL2!

[13 March 2015] - Amset prepares his season and shows his talent

Under the beautiful sun of Spain at Cristina and Manuel, Imsety continues his preparation with sereinnité and application. The son of Apache and Griselda Adrier Alsy expected to start in the competition this year.

[27 February 2015] - Umbrella begins well in 2015

Instead of Tefnut who could not go to Tartas to start the season because competition cancellation is Umbrella who got the ball with a beautiful clear round in the prepa 1m Gambais.
We find beautiful gray and Giuliana in La Courneuve end of March and at Bonneville!

[22 February 2015] - Tefnout prepares his season

Alicia and Tefnut continue to prepare for the 2015 season doing gymnastics. Our superb Anglo-Arab is in a great state of form. His first deadline will Tartas end of February.

[19 February 2015] - A day of fun in the mill Goutay

We went with pleasure and joy in Mill Goutay see Bilbo, Qwerty, Vosne Romanée, Beaune and Blue Dot who are at work since last December under the stool Claire Deteix, Fabien and Emmanuel Barbier. See the evolution of young people, especially in good hands, always a pleasure.
Meanwhile, videos, here are some pictures.

[25 January 2015] - Umbrella trains for season 2015

Umbrella continues to train for the 2015 season and work very well in a career in motocross courses, always within the Bonneville stables.

[18 January 2015] - the start of work at the Moulin du Goutay

The working Qwerty, Beaune, Vosne and Bilbo began in Mill Goutay. A little free jump to see the provisions of each.
Thank you to Claire Deteix, Fabien and Emmanuel Barbier !

January 15, 2015 - Monte Season

Season 2015:
Our stallions for the 2015 season are already selected.
ESTRELITTA Petra AA (Jalienny * Samuel) will go to Fango In Blue (Veganum * Iago C) - with Genetiqu'Anglo!
Paloma Cher AA (Siego * El Aid) will be for Don Giovanni de Bearn (Ryon Anzex * Dionysus II)
(Photos Pauline Chevalier - Fango In Blue and Don Giovanni de Bearn)

[20 December 2014] - A new happy collaboration!

Following a meeting Livestock Palija is pleased to now work with Fabien and Emmanuel Barbier and Claire Deteix Equestrian Centre Goutay Fromental (87). Vosnes, Bilbo, Beaune and Qwerty there took their winter quarters to start their sporting career

[14 December 2014] - Rohirrim Palija must in Geneva

Hopes in the price of the trophy pony and horse relay, Victoria Rouviere and Rohirrim Palija have won the event associated with Werner Muff! Congratulations to them!

A good index for Angel's son ESTRELITTA

Angel of Nazca, 8th in the final CL1 Pompadour is the index of 119 in eventing. It lacks little to give 1 point more to PACE our beautiful ESTRELITTA who calmly continues its gestation!

[11 November 2014] - Still a nice tour of Umbrella

Umbrella continues his return to form. Good training, an excellent cross but unfortunately still two bars cso give him the 3rd place finish in the amateur 4 Louvres! Congratulations to Giuliana and her little Boubou!

[27 October 2014] - Gentle Fall

Visit at Aurore Tison Pradeau and Deauson breeding to visit Estrelitta which refines our gray filly NATHAN the TOUR, Darkshines becomes increasingly beautiful Paloma taking a siesta and Summer is now weaned and thus available immediately.

[16 October 2014] - Rohirrim Palija approved PFS

Rohirrim Palija just approved to produce PFS. He already has a dozen products that seem to inherit his strength and good character. If you are interested in a project, contact Bea Favier.

[13 October 2014] - Umbrella Palija 7th

After many vicissitudes health Umbrella Palija is back on the ski contest and ranks 7th in the Amateur 4 Bonneville this Sunday! Congratulations to Giuliana and Umbrella for their perseverance!

[29 septembre 2014] - Valinor Palija with Emma

The pretty Valinor found his partner in the person of Emma Rolou. The couple is taking shape and it is a joy to see their progress.
Thank you to Marylène and Emma for their trust and photos.

[20 September 2014] - Angel of Nazca 8th in the final CL1

The son of Estrelitta Milor Champeix and finished 8th in the final of the CL1 Pompadour with her calf producer Sophie Lamare.

[25 August 2014] - Foals and mares benefit Limousin sun

Babies grow very well and moms enjoy the sun Limousin livestock Deauson in the Haute Vienne where they are parked!

[10 August 2014] -Estivale's father Trésor Mail en route to the FEI World Champioship

there it is, the good son Treasury Mail Jaguar Mail and small son of Iowa and father of our wonderful Summer Palison obtained his qualification for the Mondial du Lion d'Angers following his classification of Hartpury CCI * with Sidney Dufresne !

[4 August 2014] - Rohirrim Palija 15th

Our first pony participated this weekend in his first European Championships at the age of 8 years!

[30 July 2014] - Paloma Cher joins breed Palija

It was a great opportunity and a crush on a visit to the breeding of Cher ... not initially planned for us, Paloma Cher finally joined our beautiful breeding! Another great strain and a beautiful Anglo-Arabian style!

[23 July 2014] - Breeding Palija European Championship cso

Livestock Palija will be doubly represented in the European Championship ponies, juniors, young riders who hounds cso in these last 15 days of July.

[21th of jully 2014] - A reunion at the top for Bernard Lefèvre and Primaghju Nazca

Bernard Lefèvre saddle on Primaghju Nazca realized the only two clear rounds and thus provides the Pro 1 Aix Meyreuil Grand Prix.

[16 June 2014] - Estrelitta Petra refines

Our beautiful Estrelitta took the first time and is full of champion Nathan Tower. She is thriving and thus refines our future gray filly!

[13 May 2014] - Angel Nazca continues Acension

Angel Nazca, the son of our good Estrelitta continues to show his talent when CC4ans Tartas where he took 4th place!

[May 9, 2014] - A trust and Sell, brother and sister Rohirrim Palija

A great opportunity for lovers of ponies excellence!

[24 April 2014] - Rohirrim Palija: the star of the 2014 BIP

With the highest score of the Swiss team in the Nations Cup and 8th place in the Grand Prix Sunday, Rohirrim Palija was the sensation of BIP2014.

[20 April 2014] - Welcome to Estivale Deauson Palija

Our only foal in 2014 was born April 14.
It is a beautiful filly by the Trésor Mail and Roxanna Beillon by O'Malley.

[ In April 9th, 2014] - The season of horsemanship 2014 is thrown

It left for the season of cover 2014. Estrelitta opens the ball with the stallio) AA Nathan de la Tour.

A good comeback for Soli of Nazca

Soli of Nazca attack triumphant year 2014 with Aude Desprès. He is classified 10th Amateur 1 St Mars d'Outillé's GP and Saumur!

[ In March 11, 2014] - Some news about Amset

Our son of Apache of Adriers learns patiently his work but already seems to show very beautiful capacities in the tether

[ In March 1st, 2014] - Valinor changes life

Having given to us very beautiful Dramione, Valinor was opened in the long reins with the aim of a career in the harness. She already seems to know everything.

[ In December 27th, 2013] - Tefnout takes its new districts

Our champion of complete recently settled down in Alicia Ennesser's stables in the objective to be sold to it.

[ In November 29th, 2013] - Indicate 2013 and other news

On the occasion of the release of the indications 2013, it brings us diverse news)...

[ In November 25th, 2013] - in great shape Tefnout

Our beautiful and kind Tefnout found all his reflexes on the small test of this afternoon. He jumped uninhibitedly, application and one very well physical attitude using well his withers and the back!

[11 November 2013] - Nathan de la Tour the future stallion!

We are pleased to have participated in the acquisition of standard AA Nathan Tower with the Union of Breeders of the Lot et Garonne. We did this by booking a projection for the 2015 season (we were planning to have my change) for Estrelitta.

[29 October] - Winter is coming!

Winter is coming ... Estrelitta mom with her daughter Cydonia and son Darkshines (both for sale) ... a real family resemblance!

[1 August 2013] - Darkshines Palija way to the National

With a very nice average 8/10, our beautiful Darkshines Palija, Super calibrated son from Estrelitta and Desire Champeix finishes 2nd Regional and qualified for the National!

[27 may 20132] - Darkshine Palija is borned

On May 23, breeding Palija hosted its second and last foal of the year, a stunning black male Estrelitta by Petra Desire Champeix. His name Darkshines Palija.
Thank you to Cendrine Dutrait for watching over our mare and sending us photos!

Welcome to Darmione Palija

This is the first birth of livestock and is a great success! Welcome to Darmione Palija, daughter of Don Juan V and Valinor Palija by Farchynys Phoenix.

Tefnout victory at Villers Count

Certainly, there was little competition but a win is a win and we are very happy with the win!

[25 April 2013] - Some pictures of Corrèze

Qu'Amset then slowly begins its cleaning in Spain products Stroll growing and pretty Valinor honed his first colt from Don Juan V.

[12 April 2013] - A good start for Tefnut in 6 years A

After several failed attempts following the galleys climate Tefnut ran his first competition in section 6 years A Bonneville.

[28 March 2013] - Quarnac du Mesnil shape early in the season

2013 began in Auvers our standard syndicated Quarnac du Mesnil.

[25 March 2013] - the son of Estrelitta, 2nd Grand Prix CSI ** Vidauban

After a 4pt Friday in the trial is set to 145 leg Primaghju Nazca is a superb 2nd Grand Prix CSI ** Vidauban ridden by Frédéric Bouvard, working for the rider Kevin Staut.

[18 March 2013] - Rohirrim Palija began his international season Vidauban successfully

Breed Palija was very proud to see one of its first products, Rohirrim Palija and Swiss rider was their first international Vidauban.

[7 March 2013] - Amset sold in Spain

The young Amset has been sold to Spain where he will be able to show the full extent of his athletic talent.
Thank you to Andres Manuel Salguero Holdago and Cristina for their confidence (and photos!)

[27 February 2013] - The son of Petra in Estrelitta Kevin Staut!

Primaghju Nazca is among the champion Kevin Staut.

[15 February 2013] - Selection of stallions for the 2013 season

Two mares for breeding Juliane leave this year. A priori, unless sale and / or rental of stomach Estrelitta, at the side of Pauline, should remain empty.
For Juliane, and Fillioucha Azerty should be bred.

[30 January 2013] - Foal Sale, unique opportunity!

If you want to buy a foal at lower cost without having to buy mare but with a strain of very high quality with blood, strength, locomotion and performers cso and complete, we have the solution for you!

[13 January 2013] - Update indices and records SIRE

Indices were published in 2012 and thus allow us to update the records and sire information about our productions and strains. Excellent performance strain Estrelitta that by producing Ecuadora gaining prestige and his son Primaghju indexed 138 is more noticeable.

[15 December 2012] - New photos of Nazca Primaghju

It is with pleasure that we received from Yvonna Mariottini new photos Primaghju Nazca, the first son of Estrelitta, ISO 138 this year and 2 times 2nd Grand Prix CSI ** 145! Yvonna thank you very much!

[07 December 2012] - Vince Nazca labeled full

One of the products of our beautiful Estrelitta, Vince Nazca (Lord Calando) which is still for sale with the family Lamare near Montauban, participated in the certification of Complete France and obtained his label CEC ... After Soli Nazca ICC 124, ICC 111 Qasanova Nazca Nazca and Tigra classified in 5 years this year is a new stone in the edifice of our orientation CEC breeding!

[04 December 2012] - Tefnout always progressing ...

The winter work continues to seed our champion ... Adjustments are slowly but surely with Arthur and Jean-Yves Bonneau ...

[19 October 2012] - Vosne Romanée working

The beautiful daughter of Masca and Jenny de la Cense is a party to peck and learned his trade with the application under the saddle of Marie Chiampo.

[15 October 2012] - Quarnac du Mesnil, shaped at the CSI *** of St Lo

Our stallion co-owned, Quarnac du Mesnil continues to climb the ladder of high level. At the CSI *** of St Lo, it ranks in each of its three outputs.

[08 October 2012] - Cydonia Palija in Video

Thanks to our friend Gerard Loetitia we could bring a video of Cydonia at the National AA de Pompadour. The beautiful daughter of the Chosen Dun can not deny that his father is still for sale!

[30 September 2012] - 2nd place at St Lubin for Choupette

We are back from our first edition of the St Lubin. The day was very nice and friendly with lots of nice people, sun, friends!

[19 September 2012] - Pompadour National ... no ranking.

Our presentation at the National AA de Pompadour went pretty well but the result is not at the rendezvous

[8 August 2012] - Cydonia Estrelitta and qualified for the National AA

Following the Regional, where they finished fifth with 7.03 to 7.70 with an average for the filly, and Petra Estrelitta Palija Cydonia (The elected Dun) have qualified for the National AA next September. Go to Pompadour.

[6 August 2012] - Amset spends his 1st bar

Our beautiful 2 year old had his 1st bar earlier this month of August. In a growth spurt, it is already 1.65 m.
Applied, it has all happened without asking any questions showing the pulse points of strength and responsiveness. A real pleasure!

[25 July 2012] - Estrelitta is full and won the local broodmare

Our beautiful AA Estrelitta of Petra is full of desire finally confirmed Champeix. At the same time, she won the local contest for mares with foals at Savennes note 7.82.
Thank you to Reynald Dallot his help more than precious and outstanding presentation.

[9 July 2012] - Finally a full brood mare

So qu'Estrelitta DG is awaiting trial after a first, and that must be re Fillioucha inseminated in the coming days, the small Valinor Palija (Farchynys Phoenix and walk) is fully confirmed by Don Juan V.

[25 June 2012] - Amset Palija, new videos and photos

Our beautiful Amset Palija is still for sale. Now stationed in the Paris region, it continues to grow well.

[21 June 2012] - Umbrella second CL1 of Bonneville

After a period of doubt, Umbrella fell under the seat of Marion Lafontan to complete his training. Yesterday at Bonneville, the agreement is assured and with class, second class of Umbrella CL1. Next appointment to sit for the Metray qualifying for the final de Pompadour.

[12 June 2012] - Tefnut still growing!

Tefnout is double clear show jumping / cross during the difficult journey of Fontenay Sur Eure.

[10 June 2012] - The pride of breeding: Rohirrim Palija

The small Rohorrim is first foal born under the affix Palija and makes all our joy and pride.

[6 June 2012] - Season of 2012 mounts, stallions are chosen!

Despite losing three of our mares, we must continue to move forward and make a successful crossing. This year, Palija Valinor, the daughter of Stroll Farchynys and Phoenix will be the reproduction before being promoted.

[4 June 2012] - du Mesnil Quarnac fourth Grand Prix 150 Lignières

For his first Grand Prix at this level, Quarnac hits hard and is double clear.

[1 June 2012] - Tefnut third Sandillon

Finally things are progressing with Tefnout. It ranks third in the five years of hard laps B Sandillon ridden by Arthur Bonneau. Next step in Fontenay sur Eure June 9

[25 May 2012] A small Filioucha fifth son of the qualifying standard of St Lo

Chrome Vitez, son of the Hooligan Rosyl and Heutière Pleiade, the daughter of our Filliouchia by Flipper d'Elle was a sensation during the qualifying standard of St Lo.

[11 May 2012] - Official presentation of Cavale Palija

She had an early life a little but this particular miracle is clinging to life. After the death of his mother during delivery, Cavale was adopted by a Hispano-Arab living near Poitiers.

2012 ... there has for years like this ...

We would rather forget. The book of Livestock Palija turns a bit too fast for our liking ..

Amset arrives in Yvelines

Now two years old, Amset (Apache Adriers of Alsy and Griselda Dancer by Prince) arrived in the Yvelines at Jean Yves Bonneau for his year of 3 years.

The beautiful Cydonia Palija pointed the tip of his nose

We looked forward and here it is: Cydonia Palija from the cross of Petra with Estrelitta Chosen Dun was born April 12 to 12!

Estrelitta ready to foaling

Just one month after the very sad loss of our faithful Griselda, Estrelitta is about to foal of a son or daughter Bay Chosen Dun. We are looking forward to seeing the results of this cross.

Encouraging start to Tefnout

Tefnout opened its season in five years B Bonneville Saturday, March 31. He finished seventh.

News from the product of our mares

The competition season has just begun again in full and outside for the cso. We find joy, the products of our mares.

Good recovery of the season for Quarnac

Winter is over, place in the competition for our stallion, Quarnac du Mesnil. The son of Jarnac makes an excellent cover at Auvers.

Tefnout and Umbrella conscientiously continue their training for the 2012 seaso

With the thaw, resumed training with more intensity for Tefnut must happen to chain relaxation and the Umbrella and its owner, Giuliana.

Family Albums

The cold paralyzes some outdoor activities then it appears the family albums ..

Some new features of mares

Louve and Choupette are in great shape. They had a holiday but now begin to work more regularly if the weather permits. The concerns appear to be Herbie feet behind us as the beautiful is becoming out of breath and muscle!

Good workout for Tefnout

On a beautiful winter sun, Tefonut had a very good workout cross ridden by Marion Lafontan the rider of the team of Arthur Bonneau. The horse has really grown and allows us to consider a good year.

Umbrella sold

Umbrella, bouncing our daughter Griselda Expério and joined the family of his partner Giuliana since 2 months. Together, they go out in CL1 and hope they realize their harmony with beautiful results!
Appointment for the final de Pompadour!

Session obstacle to freedom Tefnout

Even if it had worked at the beginning of 4 years with Thomas Carlile, we'd never jump again after stripping. So to please the eye and see its evolution, Jean Yves Bonneau has mounted a few bars in his game this Sunday Christmas ... The beautiful Tefnout must approach the 1.70 m by the yard now has evolved!

The indices came out in 2011

We were not expecting a big clue to Tefnout who finally ran low but it is still ICC 103 .
By cons, we expected the son of Estrelitta. Soli Nazca, a finalist in five years from Pompadour, 124 ICC gets Primaghju Nazca and confirms its progress with a barrier of ISO 134. Their mother then took a pt and additional genetic changes to PACE 4 points.

Visit Quarnac du Mesnil

On the occasion of the AG of our ownership, we took our new stallion syndication, Quarnac du Mesnil. The horse is still as beautiful and good and the season of 8 years is full of promise!

Rohirrim Palija to sixth in Equita'Lyon As D1p tour

Rohirrim Palija son of Cyrano Pond Walk participated for the first time this year to tour the ace of Equita Lyon, D1 Ponam.

First jumps fitted to Umbrella

Umbrella has now made ​​his first jump session assembled. A double session that was a total success!

Quarnac du Mesnil, France 8th Championship of 7 years

Our stallion syndicated finished eighth in the Championship of France this weekend, proving, once again all his quality ridden by Timothy Anciaume. This is the just reward for a season of competition full of beautiful things and a career very well managed by its rider and still co-owner.

Tefnout in training, preparing his return Umbrella

Ridden by Arthur Bonneau, Tefnout is preparing its season five years while Umbrella will soon make his return with Marion Lafontant and begin in CL1.

Soli Nazca, son of the Final Estrelitta de Pompadour

This week we found a happy Estrelitta products, Soli Nazca was formed by Nicolas Touzaint and is now ridden by Brice Luda. Soli finished 31st in the final de Pompadour.

Change rider for Tefnout

After a season of training with Tom Carlile, Tefnut returned in the Yvelines. Closer to us, it will be mounted now by Arthur Bonneau, full of promising young starting Umbrella as her sister! Meanwhile the competition, the couple get to know and everything is fine!

Masca in foal of Fringant de Lafage

One more pleased that, after confirmed full of Griselda Millar is Masca is full of Fringe Lafage. 4 foals should be born Palija made ​​in 2012.

Griselda in foal of Millar

After the twins, three heats and a bizarre change of standard, we have learned with pleasure today that Griselda was full. So it is a colt from the World Cup performer with the strain of the Olympic home full Britt Karin Donckers, Millar, we expect for 2012.

Provision of good Quarnac in Vichy

Quarnac du Mesnil ran this weekend in support of Vichy in the international events of 7 years. It makes perfect 3 course, double clear and finished seventh in the Grand Prix on Sunday. Thank you to Celine Abadia for the pictures.

The breeding season continues

For now, the breeding season is not over.
Only Estrelitta and Balade are confirmed in foal...

Good season Soli of Nazca, the son of Estrelitta

The son of Estrelitta by Fantagaro, Soli Nazca Pompadour bought by Nicolas Touzaint continued his good 2011 season in 5 years A and B results.

2nd foal Ok for 2012

Balade is again in foal of Eyarth Troy. The little brother or sister of Bilbo (who is up for sale at weaning) is up and should point the tip of his nose mid May 2012.

The last foal is born!

Masca was the last foal this year and with a few days before she gave birth to a beautiful male Calin d'Espoir. Blue Dot is a little lax, but behind it is a very nice colt, lively and chic!

A new mare in our stud!

We had been looking for a good time with production already broodmare quality and attractive strain. We finally found it: it is Estrelitta of Petra, by Jalienny and Excellence by Samuel. Thank you to Mr Lamare allowing us to acquire it.
The lady was in foal of L'Elu de Dun!

Beaune Palija the girl as expected and Fillioucha Fango In Blue

As the beautiful prepared in advance, there was hope for our daughter and wishes was fulfilled with the arrival of Beaune Palija. Véganum very typical, it is chestnut with 4 socks and a large list interrupted.

Tefnout on pictures at Tartas

While he has competed in show jumping and he should make his second full Sandillon next week, here are the pictures to Tartas Tefnut made ​​by his co-owner Catherine Lagahuzere Lecomplet.com and our friend, Michel de Chateauvieux!

Tefnout 7th!

What fun! For his first event, Tefnut behaved very well and finished seventh or an entire premium. Double clear, and cross cso, it was serious and going.
Competition for him next Tuesday and Wednesday cso pure Pamiers.
Meanwhile the photos of the contest, here are some images in training to Touscarayts. Thank you to the team of Tom for the pictures!

forward for the contest!

And now, young horses will get into the deep end!
Tomorrow Tefnout attend his first eventing Tartas 4 years and 10 May, which is aligned to the Umbrella Contest 3 years starting SF reassemble Size Petite Pompadour!

Quarnac gaining momentum

For its comeback on competition grounds, Quarnac Norman was on the tour of Auvers for a series of Grand Prix 130 for 7 years. This weekend, there is no fault in the three trials and two in the dam. He took 6th in the Grand Prix final. Thanks to Elise Megret, a co-owner, we have beautiful videos of our champion.

Bad news: Griselda not in foal

We had a doubt. It has unfortunately confirmed, Griselda is empty Champeix Lamour. Not for her foal in 2011.

Working session with Tom Carlile and Tefnout

Tefnout is at work for nearly two months in the complete rider Thomas Carlile. Due to the delay of growth and physical development, it is not at the same level as its peers the same age but he is improving.

The season resumes for Quarnac

Our "small" stallion will find lots of competitions this weekend. It is, indeed, engaged in Auvers for Speed 125 and the Grand Prix Pro 2130.

Planning foaling

Our 4 mares being full, we wait with growing impatience first births and analyzing the intersection 2011.
Ride It (Full Earth Troy) will be the first around 29 March. Then come Griselda (Full of Champeix Lamour) to May 11, Fillioucha (Full of Fango In Blue) for May 20 and Masca (Calin Full of Hope) will be the last to June 15

Amset, nice Amset

The son of Apache Adriers moving very well. It stands currently over 140cm which suggests a good-sized colt. It is very well done, with force, the model. He moves very well even if it is currently difficult to fully realize given the state of fields. He also kept his excellent character to the man!
Sports fans, this colt is for you then come to his pretty frimmousse crack!
A new short video is available on his record!

Tefnout and Amset: 2 brothers

While continuing serenely Tefnout his apprenticeship with Tom Carlile, Amset enjoys life with his buddies at Haras de Champeix. The son of Apache is still for sale. Notice to lovers of good horses! Amset is grand, beautiful and good! A new video is now available on his record!

Launching into the deep end for Tefnout

In late December, Tefnut went near Toulouse to integrate the teams of Tom Carlile. Cavalier's full Emeritus, caring and a perfectionist, Tom was chosen to enhance our young product. Tefnut should make a few trips and full cso to learn his job quietly. You can find the news of Thomas Carlile on-site www.cce horses.fr

Amset a beautiful colt buying unnecessary!

The son of Apache Adriers continues to grow and develop. It's a nice colt still calm but full of strength. An excellent sport horse for sale in becoming a very reasonable price!

To pass the time ... some pictures in the snow!

In this weather, you can not really work ... and a week of starting Tefnut, we take pictures in the snow!

Choupette on track finally!

It's a great victory over the disease that we see here ... Choupette (Qurelle real name) is finally saved from the lameness that was hurting the last 1.5 years ... Reworks it with joy and enthusiasm, long reins and edged up (slowly) ...

Rohirrim Palija, IPO 134!

The indices of 2010 are falling and we learn with great pleasure that Palija Rohirrim, the first product of our breeding gets an IPO of 134, rewarding his consistency throughout the year and its good complicity with Fanny. His mother, Horse, full of Earth Troy Welch, thus obtained another point PACE which puts it at 5pts.

Aloxe and Azerty on video

We do not yet have new photos of the 2 foals that were weaned Pompadour ... in the meantime, here's a video of the 2 jokers when they were with their mother.

Tefnout on work, pictures

Tefnout returned from its second phase of stripping, where he learned among other jaw and out the 3-stage career and a walk. He made a small meeting of jumping in the saddle with freedom. Good progress for this colt applied shy but still growing and changing physically.

2nd phase of training for Tefnout

Tefnout has joined the stables of Raymond Nersessian and Muriel Horein for its second phase of stripping. He will learn leadership and get outdoors, spend a few more bars.
His departure for the stables of his rider Thomas Carlile is scheduled for early December.

Lovely autumn sunshine, a perfect opportunity to rediscover Louve, Choupette et Tefnout in pictures

It does not show them often, so here are some pictures of our two beautiful darling auxois taking advantage of these quiet and pleasant moments of sun. We also find that Tefnout must finish its start stripping in a few days!

Amset has four months and his sister approached the three years with serenity ...

Some pictures of the son of Apache Adriers, Amset Palija that month and is now gray. Always pleasant, it is in the blood but with a very tight back and a lot of strong points. It will be bigger than her sister Umbrella, the daughter of Expério which expands with pleasure and who should participate in the competition three years mounted next year.

Pleiade Heutière, Champion of France of 7 years!

The daughter of Fillioucha just won the Championship of France mares 7 years under the saddle of Nicolas Delmotte! Congratulations to her, his entourage and his breeder, Paul Dubos!

Quarnac du Mesnil - 2nd round Fontainebleau Final

Little disappointed in the second race where Quarnac, rated 15 to put 2 style bars to the ground and thus deprived of the final.
His 2010 season thus ends there, with great success and great hopes for next year!

Sf Quarnac du Mesnil - 1st round Fontainebleau Final

Our stallion Quarnac Mesnil was entered this afternoon in the final 6 years of Fontainebleau. It is without fault and gets superb rating of 18.5 in style!
Thank you to Peter Costabadie, famous photographer and co-owner for his great pictures.

A niece Fillioucha ranked in the final 5 years of Belgium cso

We have learned with pleasure that Rivolier of Isha, daughter of L'Arc de Triomphe and Gillioucha by Papillon Rouge finished ranked in the final five years in Belgium CSO CC Gesves. Gillioucha, his mother is a sister to our Fillioucha.

Thank you to Julian Counet studforlife of these pictures!

News pictures of Amset Palija

The son of Griselda Alsy Adriers Apache and now has three months. He is tall, handsome, muscular and bone and has a character in gold! A future sport horse undoubtedly! It remains to wait until he loses his colt down to transform into beautiful colt all gray ...

Clean sweep for the year 2010!

4 / 4! A highly successful breeding Palija who closed the season riding with the good news of the pregnancy confirmed Masca.

Masca won the local mare and foal de Pompadour!

The beautiful Masca and her filly by Apache D'Adriers caused a sensation at the local contest broodmares of Pompadour.

A daughter of champion Expério and new photos of Aloxe, Vosne and Valinor!

Then we learned with joy that Matyss of Aubree's Expério daughter was Young Riders European Championships last Thursday, the unit was also out for new photographs of Aloxe Corton, Vosne Romanee and Valinor. ..

Fillioucha in foal!

It is finally confirmed, Fillioucha is in foal of Fango In Blue for 2011! A long-awaited crossing because Anglo-Arab blood seems perfectly suited to the beautiful and massive SF!

Tefnout in the training

And Here we are, it makes a "shock" see its youngs that we created to be opened and to learn their life of sporting horse. Quite gently and in the trust, Tefnout was training at Muriel's Horrein's and Raymond Nersessian, 2 fantastic and respectful professionals of horses.

Excellent piece of newsof the weekend: Griselda is foal!

We learnt it on Saturday, she did not return in heat and was seen then foal ! We shall thus have a foal of Lamour Champeix around May 11th, 2011..

Quarnac of Mesnil still without fault and almost qualified for finale!

Quarnac of Mesnil made on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 a test of 6 years in the Haras du Pin, on grass. He is again without fault.
Even if Timothée found him a little more tired, he nevertheless jumped well.

News pictures of Azerty

The girl of Apache of Adriers and Masca by Gabor, is a very beautiful foal, full of strength with the engine and a very beautiful front end!

Change of Stallion for Masca too

Masca also indicated us that it would be preferable to fill her in cover in hand. She thus joined the stable of Claise at Beth and Paul Loisil to receive the favours of Calin d' Espoir, an excellent horse!
Http: // www.ecuriedelaclaise.com/calin-d-espoir-etalon-13052.html

Change of Stallion for Griselda

Even if we plan things, it is often necessary to adapt itself to the fact that our horses say to us and shows us. Regrettably, Griselda cannot be any more followed by echography and cannot be thus inseminated any more really in frozen seed. That is why, we changed the choice of the dad for the foal 2011. It will thus be Lamour Champeix.(www.haras-champeix.com)

During the CSI of Bourg-en-Bresse, Quarnac realized 3 days of formidable competition. On 4 tests, there are 3 times without fault (1st, 5th the first 2 days) and brings down only a bar during the dam of the last day when he ends all the same 4th of the test! Bravo to Quarnac and Timothée Anciaume.

Rohirrim Palija on pictures

The son of Stroll and Cyrano Pondi always shows so much ease and availability in the obstacle. His happy owners sent us photos and we deeply thank them for it!

News pictures of Azerty and Aloxe Corton!

After Amset, here is Azerty who cavorts with Aloxe Corton!

Amset Palija on pictures

Here are finally the photos of the son of Griselda and Apache of Adriers: Amset.
The young is bai but he will be grey. He should be rather big and annoyed well today by his big legs. He gallops well and has good character. He is for sale in the weaning.

Birth of Azerty Palija

Masca put in the world, on Tuesday, May 18th at 11:00 pm, a very beautiful foal of Apache of Adriers. This expected girl is named Azerty. She is chestnut with big one list and four big socks.

Birth expected from Amset Palija

He was waiting but here he is at last, the son of Griselda d' Alsy and Apache of Adrier: Amset Palija!

Balade in foal!

We learnt him there is few moment, Balade is in foal of Earth Troy. A beautiful satisfaction while his son Saroumane has to run his 2nd Free Cycle 1st year of cso this weekend.

Volnay on vidéo and his brother, Aloxe Corton on pictures!

Rdv on the index cards of Volnay Palija and Aloxe Corton Palija!

Un peu de photos pour fêter le printemps!

Here we are, the spring is finally there then we rerelease cameras...In the meantime, of new images of Aloxe Corton and Fillioucha outside, here is Volnay, Masca, Tefnout, Querelle and Louve.

1st foal 2010: welcome to Aloxe Corton Palija, son(sons,thread) of Filioucha and Quack!

At about 9 pm yesterday evening was finally born Aloxe Corton Palija, the son of Fillioucha and Quack.

Quarnac of Mesnil begin, its season of 6 years!

Having made working routes in Contained, Quarnac du Mesnil began concretely his season of 6 years and is double without fault to Canteleu. He is classified besides 7th of the test in the chronometer. The promising beginning thus!
Thanks to our friend co-owner, Stéphanie Marlet, for sublime photos!

But also the products of Expério!

Made Expério however the fathers of our products he(it) had 2 sons(threads) who would run(roam) the Pro Grand Prix elite of Saumur the last weekend: libero of the neipo and especially Misleading de Gontery who ends 3rd with Jérémy Béatrix.
Talented on all the disciplines, we especially noticed that these 2 horses were two of the very rare without fault in the cso!

Ravel Heutière in the Young horses of Fontainebleau

During the test of 5 years of complete in Fontainebleau on March 26th, we found Ravel Heutière, one of the sons of Fillioucha belonging to the CSEM.

The foals still stay in the warmth!

Griselda gets ready in no way contrary for Fillioucha and Masca who raise both sublime one round stomach and who began well to fill udders.
Stroll, it, continues to start again of the state and should leave to the projection in the middle of April.

Grand Prix Replay filmed and present Quarnac du Mesnil!

Very attractive presentation of our champion's part in Comporta with Timothée Anciaume:

Observation of products always: Fango still

Qat of Koeur by Fango in Blue the taken away(gained) year the DC 6 years A of Courneuve with its naisseuse owner Marie Alice Quenette!

Observation of the products of the chosen stallions

While waiting for the births (at the beginning the end of April), we observe on grounds the results and the physical appearances of the products of the stallions that we chose as our mares!

Quarnac du Mesnil at Comporta

Quarnac of Mesnil is in Portugal with Timothée Anciaume where it works on tours of 6 years.

Change of house for Griselda and Umbrella

Griselda who is in 1,5 months theoretical of the term of its gestation and her daughter Umbrella who evolves really well is henceforth going to live in Limousin in the Stud farm of Champeix.

Stallion Show at Poitier

We went to the show of the Stallions of Poitiers. Here, we were able to admire Quack to whose foal we look forward but we also saw Fango In Blue.

The choice is done for Masca: Arpege Pierreville!

Reflection has long been to find the standard 2010 to the beautiful but difficult Masca. But there it is, Juliane chose!

Snow again, pictures again but at Pompadour!

The 3 foals of the year, Volnay, Vosne Romanée Valinor and put their hearts and joy in the new snow ... but where is the hay?

Saroumane joined his new rider Alban in Burgundy!

Saroumane will make its competition debut in 2010. For this, he found a rider to its size, Alban which will prepare him for 4 years Eventing YH and YH Hunter.
The horse has therefore arrived at Cluny to begin gently preparation. Good luck to the couple in training!
We remind you that Saroumane is still for sale.

Quarnac du Mesnil's presentation, a future crack!

Here is Quarnac du Mesnil's presentation, a stallion SF whom I have in co-ownership with passionate persons' team.
We bought this horse to supply to a talented French rider, a good horse to make the big tests of future.

News from Unysis

Diane Gayet the happy owner of Unysis gives news to us with pleasure and sends us photos under the snow!

A Visit to Quarnac du Mesnil

Among the picket of the horses of the breeding Palija, there is also Quarnac du Mesnil, a stallion SF of which we hold 2 % with passionate persons' team which wanted to bring to a French talented rider a future horse of Grand Prix.

Querelle: a champion of race auxoise!

During these a little bit hollow months in term of event, return on our beautiful mares of lines to evoke in images them memberships and origins. Let's begin with Querelle.

Roméo de Fillioucha will be Fango in Blue!

After Ultra of Rouhet for Griselda (stallion on which we shall soon return), after Earth Troy for Stroll, the choice is henceforth arrested for Fillioucha. The girl of Qredo, full of Quack, will return to an AA: Fango In Blue.

Happy new Year 2010!

The breeding Palija wishes you all and all a wonderful year of 2010!! All our wishes of happiness, success, love and health!
Excellent equestrian success also to all the passionate persons!

Merry christmas and Good Christmas and new Year holidays!

The breeding Palija, Pauline, Juliane, Romain and Raphael, wishes you, of very good holidays of Christmas and of the end of year!
All our congratulations! Health, Success and Enjoyments!


Naturally, that it snowed but since the time and horses are almost in the habit! But it always makes an opportunity make photos...

Pleiade Heutière, frees points PACE of her mother Fillioucha!

The girl of Fillioucha and Flipper d'Elle obtained this year an ISO of 136. It allows to free the calculation of points PACE for Filioucha who so gets back the points of her mother and of his(her,its) 1/2 brothers and sisters...

Season 2010: the "don juan" of Balade will be Eyarth Troy!

Balade, which regrettably failed the last season because of illness, is going to return to the reproduction in 2010. As for Valinor, Juliane chose a stallion pony Welsh. This year, inovation, the color with Eyarth Troy, who is Isabelle!

Umbrella's work with Muriel Horrein!

In 1 week hardly, Umbrella showed large progress. It is a steady pupil. She lost her large belly and tightens her back. Today, we divided one of the working sessions of Muriel to see its progress.

Umbrella leaves to the nursery school while Tefnout and Griselda tackle the winter!

We benefitted from last the days of good weather to carry out the last photographs before returning in the winter and the hairy mode “nounours”

Saroumane on video!

It has just arrived, it video of Saroumane to the jump in freedom. It is pointed out that Sarou obtained 6,90 with this workshop with 7,50 in force and quality “draws above the oxers”. Find without more awaiting it on the card of Sarou, which is always to sell!

Ultra du Rouhet, the choise of 2010!

Of course, the foal of Apache and Griselda were not born yet but during our walks in contest, we found the standard 2010 for the beautiful gray one!

Not badly Sarou!

Saroumane did not make sparks and even has rather timid in its presentation, to was especially assembled. Of course, it was a little disappointment because much of this final was awaited. Despite everything, Saroumane finishes where it had been considered!

Departure for Lyon!

Saroumane resumed work in a way accentuated for preparing well this the 3 years final hongres and females of Equitalyon. Appointment as of Wednesday for the service with the assembled obstacle!

Small against time!

Unfortunately, Balade ran following small preoccupations with a health. There will be only 3 foalta in 2010. Blow, Juliane was put in search of new a standard welsh B for the beautiful one!

4/4 all mare are in foal!

4 foals should be born into 2010 within the Palija breeding the next year.

Saorumane Palija at Equita'Lyon

Saroumane Palija, the son of Chef Rouge and Balade will take part in the 3 years championship gelding and female SF which will be held in Equita' Lyon at the end of October. Vosne Romanée is it qualified for the JSF Femelles Foals but will not take part. A great success for the Palija breeding.

New website for stud Palija!

Here it is very beautiful, very new, more professional and modern one! Thank you in Digistal for their beautiful work!