Not badly Sarou!  - Not badly Sarou!  - Not badly Sarou!  -


Not badly Sarou!

Saroumane did not make sparks and even has rather timid in its presentation, to was especially assembled. Of course, it was a little disappointment because much of this final was awaited. Despite everything, Saroumane finishes where it had been considered!
Just but explosive, then a little floating and not stressed, Saroumane however finishes 38ème final. It is not so badly because it is what what we expect.

Blow, Saroumane which was measured 1,71m, will leave to work at Alban Rousselière, a friend installed beside Cluny. We believe much in the talent of this horse even if it is very timid and that so people do not dare to come to test it.

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